PC Creation Rules

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Create a new character or use previous character from campaign; you may rebuild them(change stats feats traits multi-class etc.) if you wish with no penalty(keep your gear etc.). we will be level 7 upon resuming. 

25 point buy(CHANGED FROM 20) IMPORTANT!!!

If you are keeping your current character(including rebuilding) take one magic item up to a cost of 10,000gp IMPORTANT!!!

Level 7 starting gold is 23,500gp. ONLY NEW characters start with this.

Max HP rolls


Race point 14 and below you can make your own race subject to approval

Races Link


Any Paizo Class & Archtype

The following feats and classes are banned, please do not ask to use them.
Classes: no Psionic or gun classes.
Feats: Leadership, Sacred Geometry. 

Feats/spells/source material: ANY paizo


Take two traits, you may also take one drawback(and the extra trait it gives you) if you choose to. You may take an additional FREE campaign trait listed in the player's guide.  Split Campaign traits amongst yourselves.  Taking this extra campaign trait is not required. PCs continued from the previous game get first pick of their CURRENT chosen campaign trait on their character sheet, even if they choose to rebuild it. Selecting a different campaign trait/picking one for a new PC will be first come first serve/approval Please use discord to discuss with other players.

Add created characters with bios to the character section.  Please include any traits, feats, or drawbacks taken on the character sheet.

PC Creation Rules

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