PC Creation Rules

Players guide: 

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Create a new character or use previous character from campaign; you may rebuild them if you wish but you will be forfeiting all equipment/items obtained in game. Everyone will be level 4 upon resuming. 

20 point buy only

Level 4 starting gold is 6000gp. you start with this if you wish to rebuild your character.


Any core races. Other allowed races: Aasimar, Fetchlings, Orc, Ifrit, Sylph, Tiefling, changeling. Any other race is GM approval

Races Link


Any Class & Archtype

The following feats and classes are banned, please do not ask to use them.
Classes: Psionic & gun classes.
Feats: Leadership, Sacred Geometry. 

Feats/spells/source material: ANY paizo


Take two traits and one drawback, and you may take a campaign trait listed in the player's guide.  Split Campaign traits amongst selves.  Taking this extra campaign trait is not required. PCs continued from the previous game get first pick of their CURRENT chosen campaign trait on their character sheet, even if they choose to rebuild it. Selecting a different campaign trait/picking one for a new PC will be first come first serve/approval Please use the thread in the forum to discuss with other players.

Add created characters with bios to the character section.  Please include any traits, feats, or drawbacks taken on the character sheet.

A word on alignment and expected behavior

I have never been a fan of alignment as a feature as i feel that it hinders roleplay especially to newer players who may feel that they have to use those alignments as their moral laws that they have to live by. I do not require my players to pick an alignment, but this doesnt mean you don’t have to follow laws, religion, morals, etc. That being a given, any traits, classes, feats etc. that require a certain alignment are fair game for anyone given they make sense for your pc.

This, however, is not an excuse for you to make Edgy Mcgee who plans to slaughter the party because “lol”. Remember that there is more than one person at the table and if you are incapable of playing or cooperate with others I would advise you to find another hobby. This is not a single player game where everyone is here to provide entertainment solely for you. We are all here to take part in a story together and play together as a team. However, i realize that conflict is inevitable and an unavoidable part of storytelling. I do not expect the party to be BFF’s , always agree on everything, and ride off into the sunset together nor do I encourage it. Speak your mind if its what your character would do! I merely mean to deter any unsavory attitudes towards playing. I just ask that everyone be respectful of each other, and thank you for reading this giant wall of text.
tl;dr: Don’t be a dick.

PC Creation Rules

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