County of Amaans

The Ustalavic county of Amaans is filled with the towering mountain peaks of the Hungry Mountains and mysterious mist-shrouded valleys; it is one of the counties forming the Soivoda.

Amaans' ruler is as rugged and wild as the land he rules, Count Lucinean Galdana is a renowned hunter of fearsome, big game.

Amaans has relatively few inhabitants when compared with counties like Canterwall or Caliphas. Most of these relatively few inhabitants huddle against the border with their more civilized neighbor Ardeal in the lowland region surrounding Lake Kavapesta. From their relatively safe homes, the inhabitants of Amaans tell tales about the horrors of the land, including the Hundred Haunted Vales of the Hungry Mountains, and rumors of the restless dead that haunt the Ghorcha Pass.

The terrors inflicted by the Whispering Tyrant are not the only tales of horror the people of Amaans can tell. In the last century, the county was ruled by the Viscount Galdyce, an aged nosferatu vampire who took countless vampire brides in the vain attempt of siring a male heir. Galdyce is thought to have been slain by the adventurers Duristan Barlhein and his fiancée Ailson Kindler in 4685 AR and Castle Galdyce was destroyed. Lately, lights have once again been seen in the ruined castle, leading inhabitants of the nearby village of Sen's Pass to worry that Galdyce or one of his brides has returned.

County of Amaans

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