Boosh Presents the Carrion Crown

Late Nights...

Mending Fences via Paperwork.

27th Day of Calistril 4711 AR

There were many perks to being an abomination of nature. One such perk was no need for candles or other such light sources. This thought bemused Sevltana as she sat in the pitch black of the study. The light filtering in from outside made the room appear like mid-day to her, despite it being the small hours of the night.

Still the tedium of the task before her was an ever present danger, all be it a familiar one. She was nearly done compiling all the information she had managed to pull from the archives and library in town. Not there was a great deal new to learn from it all, it was still best to make sure she didn’t miss anything.

Plus there was still the mater of the others. At this thought she laid her quill down and rubbed her eyes, more from irritation then fatigue. Trust and tolerance where coming up in short supply among this group; that has assembled to mourn the passing of a friend not 3 days ago. She was no better for it if she were being honest.

Sevltana absent mindedly flipped through the professors’ journal as she weighed her choices. Clearly she was going to be stuck with these people for longer than she had originally planned. There wasn’t any way to leverage her station, not yet anyway. That left the rather distasteful choice of being honest with the strangers.

“What to do…” She muttered to herself as she leaned back on the chair. Rolling her head back she could see the worry wort of a younger sister slumped up against the wall by the door. She had insisted on staying close by since things had gotten even tenser.

Staring up at the celling her mind floated from one idea to the next, until a thread of connection started to weave a plan together. She would indeed be open to the group about her abilities and why they cultivated in the first place. After all necromancy its self is not different than any other art, only its user can decide if the power will be used for good or evil. That said careful phrasing and planning was still needed after all, it was not a socially accepted art.

Sevltana stifled a yawn; there was still plenty that needed to be done. She need to prepare copies of the brief for everyone, as well as decide how best to inform them. Plus a backup plan wouldn’t go amiss here.

Harrowstone Prisoners

Whispering Way




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