Jiny Weaver

Sylphid Psycho, somewhat self-absorbed



Jiny was born as the offspring of her human mother Amara Weaver and a djinn, an air genie from the Eye of Abendego. In Rahadoum’s capital and coast town Azir she saw the light of day. Her unknown father had long since left his human companion, but his genes were clearly visible on the young child. Jiny was a geniekin, the pale skin, marked with blue curvy lines and patterns, and the light blueish hair left no doubt. Growing older, however, her skin tone became much more human-coloured and the blue patterns faded to be only visible upon very close inspection. Only her blue hair remained and ignoring that, she could easily be mistaken for a human.

Amara was a seamstress and weaver and so were her parents, the last name and occupation probably going hand in hand for generations. As such Amara was part of the local weaver and dyer guild in Azir. The guild was not particularly powerful, but well respected. Similarly, the members respected Amara who provided quality work. Bearing a half-blood child however was not particularly well received and only due to her previous standing was she allowed to stay a member.

Geniekin tend to have a long childhood and Jiny was no exception. She quickly fell behind the human children of the same age, friendships with human children never lasted longer than a year or two, with those friends outgrowing her. Over time this made her somewhat more reclusive, which she compensated for by picking up stray cats as pets, however always only one at a time. In the meantime, she learned the seamstress craft from her mother.

When Amara died after only 17 years, Jiny was alone. But fortunately, the weavers’ guild, who had not expelled Amara, honorably fulfilled the commitment to the offspring of accomplished members. Jiny’s education was continued by the guild and ten years later by age 27, Jiny despite biologically not grown up yet, became a regular member of the guild and was able to provide for her own income during the day.

The following years were spent with improving her craft and associating with other middle class youths of Azir. Jiny specialized in stately dresses and was even able to attract customers for court attire every now and then. The customers visiting her mother’s little shop that she now proudly ran gave her ample opportunity to pick up gossip about the city’s noblesse and “listen to the wind”, as her sylphen fellows called it.

Later interested in her heritage, she learned Elven and the elemental tongues that the sylph and other geniekin used. She was a frequent visitor in libraries and book stores, even travelled to Botosani every now and then. This leads to her learning that she can not only manipulate the wind to some degree, but also, when concentrating and in control of her emotions, alter the fabric of reality, that is, cast magic. She ascribes both to her genie heritage, yet also realizes that her magic is neither wizardly arcane and most certainly not divinely given by some god’s interference, but rather comes from the depth of her psyche.

One of the Nobles must have recommended her to Professor Lorrimor of Ustalav. The Professor, not only looking to get his supply of clothing altered for the hot desert climate, but also interested in getting input on elemental questions, managed to kill to birds with one stone and hired Jiny as an advisor during his trip in Rahadoum. He would return multiple times and make use of her services whenever he did.

Receiving news of Lorrimor’s death and being invited to his funeral, Jiny decided the time to leave Rahadoum and Azir had come. She sold her shop to a cousin and left the weavers guild. Then she sailed for the continent of Avistan and started her long travel to Ustalav, taking only her current cat, a lazy grey-furred animal called Emilia, with her.


Having arrived in Ravengro, Jiny takes part in the burial service of the Professor and then returns to the Professor’s house, where she along with four others is tasked to keep watch over the Professor’s daughter Kendra for a month and then deliver a collection of four books to another city. While inspecting the books, the immediately becomes suspicious of Sveltana, who seems both familiar with the necromancing books, giving off some slight magic, and at the same time is attempting to take them into her possession, including the Professor’s journal, that she alone reads before locking it back into the chest the books were contained in and taking the key with her.

In fact, she deceives Jiny by stealthily replacing the journal with another book. Meanwhile Jiny, Jacques and Vraxim find on the next morning the Harrowstone Memorial, a monument to Harrowstone Prison vandalized with a “V” written in blood. Following the blood trail they find a war razor from Lastwall on the property of a farmer that seems to also own a set of plate armour from Lastwall, as Vraxim later finds out.

Back at the Professor’s house, Sveltana’s deception is revealed as she spins a tale of necromancers attempting to create lichs and everlasting youth. Before she can properly explain herself, however, she darts out of the door. In the village square, the group finds a number of stirges attacking the villagers, but makes quick work of them.

As an undead creature is stirred by Vraxim and makes it way towards the party, it suddenly changes direction after a spell cast by Sveltana who dives after the creature. A crossbow bolt shot by Jiny missed the mark closely and further insight is blocked by Sveltana’s sister Somun. When she next sees the undead, there is only a skeleton left. Confronting the sisters however leads to no further insight and an argument between Jiny and Somun.

Returning to Kendra’s house, Jiny shoots at another undead that is attempting to gain entry. A third shot hits and knocks out the creature. Closer examination reveals it to be the risen Professor Lorrimor.

Jiny Weaver

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