Born of a human father and a pairaka mother, Vraxim grew up in a privileged home. Never wanting for anything, he was drowned in affection and attention from his father. Life growing up was extremely sheltered. Vraxim had few acquaintances and only one he could call a true friend, a girl whom he has erased the name of.

He was not allowed to explore, so the restless feeling for adventure grew each day. After years of being denied, he plotted a way to get out. When it was time to put the plan forward, he offered to take his friend along. She confronted him with ideas of terror and fear outside of the grounds and that he was just being protected from a cruel world. Ignoring the warnings, he took off without her.

It did not take long to see what he was being protected from. The first site of a new town was met with ignorance and hatred. He could not understand how others could hate without even knowing him. This trend continued from town to town, slowing replacing Vraxim’s love for adventure with feelings of abandonment and want for his home. He refused to turn back, hoping the next area would be the one to break the trend.

It never did.

After years of wandering, he settled in the city of Caliphas. With so many people, blending in was not a difficult task. Since he was constantly hiding himself to escape the wandering eyes of those around him, becoming a spy to get coinage was a no-brainer.

He learned a lot while collecting information from various parties. He also learned how little groups knew of each other. There were times where he thought he could use the information that was gathered to inspire unity through diplomacy, but those hopes were dashed by the growing resentment towards those he spied on.


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