A musty package makes its way into your possession.  Contained within the damp leather bindings are a sealed letter and a list of papers.  Among the papers you spot a familiar name, Petros Lorrimor.  Reading the rest of the page reveals it to be an Obituary detailing the passing of your acquaintance.  Breaking the Familiar seal reveals a hastily made sloppy note signed by a Kendra Lorrimor, presumably a relative.

"My father has requested your presence at the reading of his last will and testament.  If you are receiving this letter then you must be in attendance for his will to be read as per his final wishes.  I hope you find the kindness in your heart to honor his wishes."

The date and time of the funeral along with the location are marked on the paper.  Ravengro, a small farming town in Ustalav is your destination.

Boosh Presents the Carrion Crown

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